Kea is one of the closest islands to Athens, traditional and cosmopolitan at the same time. The warm atmosphere, the local food and the beautiful Cycladic scenery make Kea special to its visitors. Its traditional vibes and quiet beaches offer relaxing moments. The capital of the island is Loulida village. No cars are seen here, as people must leave them at the entrance of the town.

The Archaeological museum of the island is located in Loulida. It hosts archaeological items discovered in excavations around the island. The items include artefacts from the Post Neolithic Age, as well as the Early, the Middle and the Post Copper Age. Hiking is a very frequent activity in Kea, as hiking paths lead to beautiful sightseeing. A short hike from Loulida leads to the Stone Lion, while a much longer hike leads to the archaeological site of Ancient Karthea.

While being in Kea, you should also visit the village of Vourkari. Vourkari is a fishing picturesque village. You can taste local fresh lobster and other traditional dishes in the small taverns of the village. But food is not the only one attraction in the area of Vourkari. Those of you that are art lovers will discover a small art gallery with paintings related to Kea. In the island you can swim and sunbathe in the beautiful beaches of Koundouros and Otzias.

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